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Our diverse areas of 



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Prototyping & Developing

Project Management


Quality Control

Assembly & Packing

Global Shipping

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Starting from concept, our frontend designers listen to the customer to get known to their needs and ideas, then based on the requirement of internal team, our creative guys will design the products to best meet the demands. With advanced software, the product renderings can be produced very quickly. 



Our engineers work closely with the sales and designers to turn ideas to engineering drawings and they also determine the most cost effective methods to construct a product.Using most advanced software Solidworks, the drawings can be directly used on CNC machines.

Prototyping and Developing


We promise fast prototyping when a project is started, the lead time is usually one week. The prototype is an example of production unit and allows the client to test the product on it. 
Developing is about exploring, the use of new material, the packing design and assembly steps are very well considered during the process of developing.


Our project managers are the key people and leader of each project, the decision maker of engineering, cost estimating, sourcing, production planning, etc.
We have a group of responsive and responsible project managers who take care of the projects from start to finish.

Project Management
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Electric Grinder
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Our metal production capabilities including sheet metal, metal wire, metal tube fabrication, custom powder coating.
Our wood production capabilities including solid wood and bamboo fabrication, melamine MDF products, laminating, wood and bamboo veneer with color as well as painting.
We work with local suppliers to integrate all means of production to deliver big projects.

Quality Control


We believe without quality, the products are nothing. The QC process goes through the raw material to the completed products. 

On-site inspections are performed as a regular basis, this helps to control quality in process and make mistakes easier to be corrected before everything finishes.
The project managers will finalize quality check points for the production inspection, a quality inspection report will be sent to the customers before shipping.

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Assembly and Packing
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We provide assembly and installation services both in house and on the retail location.
Packing always start with a good packing design, the using of multiple materials for packing makes the displays arrive store safely.
Our packing facility makes also an important role to gather material together from our suppliers, then the parts will be inspected, assembled and packed. 

Global Shipping


We provide warehousing services and keep an inventory for customers to ship globally for running programs.
We work with reliable shipping forwarders and offer logistic services that compete both on price and services.
We provide FOB shanghai, CIF receiving port as well as DDP to destination warehouse, and provide air shipping, ocean shipping options at best rates. 

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