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Exploring new material for showing footwear

Our team of footwear displays had worked for some of the famous brands like CAT, Hush Puppies, Danner and Merrell. We like the innovative ideas on how the texture of material became an important factor to speak for the shoe itself.

When the sketches look amazing, making production realistic is another challenge.

We explored the use of new material on the shoe displays such as rusted hot rolled steel with a smoked clear coating, which shows an industrial touch on the metal parts, such as burned pine wood with matte clear finish, in which the veins of the natural wood is visible and give the displays an old school vintage looking.

There are many options to do the logo, silk screen printing is the easiest method, but it doesn’t look good enough, we invested in a laser machine to burn into the wood and metal so it looked somehow etching, naturally shown in the material, like a piece of tattoo.

It’s taking even longer time for our product developers to find the material, test, craft the material in all new ways. We bought old wood from a recycle market of wooden ships, we burned the laser logo on metal parts, we found new material to mock-up the cement base which actually has plywood core.

A lot of effects are input to make production true to the design, and the result of the shoes are shown speaks for itself.


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