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Auto-dealer’s new Point-of-Sale

In our conventional opinion, the auto-dealers only have cabinets in their showroom. But with the increasing of outdoor activities, it’s a trend that people carry their bikes, snowboards and more luggages with their cars. We are indeed experienced and have perfect solutions for car luggage equipment. For more than ten years, we have made thousands of displays for Thule and Yakima, and it’s time to introduce the displays that are good looking and functioning to the auto-dealers.

So far we have supplied new point-of-sale equipment to more than 1,100 Honda dealers and 270 showrooms of their top-line Acura dealers in North America, we have supplied displays to more than 600 showrooms of Subaru and more to come with Nissan, VW and Audi.

The quality of products that goes under the spotlights of showroom is high enough, so is the quality control process. Imagine the paint is as smooth as a bonnet of a luxury sport sedan, imagine the connection of display is as sturdy as the body frame of an American muscle car, imagine the castor wheels are as rolling as the flat wide tires of a full terrain SUV. We made it!


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