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1,200 flooring store roll out in Europe


headlam group plc


Lifestyle floorings

Objectives - more than 1,200 flooring stores roll out in Europe. - produce more than 20,000 flooring displays in 15 months. - ship 4 containers per week.

- more than 5 teams of installers.

Solutions The displays are needed in an urgent time, we are producing the cabinets from more than 5 factories.

With our strong souring network, we are able to produce 4 containers of wood displays per week, and coordinate hardware, lighting, visuals and packing at the same time. The project management including material inspection, process control, production schedule, on site packing and loading management. The attention to detail ensures the on time delivery of every display. We worked closely and responsively with our partners in the UK to provide ocean shipping, inland trucking and installation to meet the customer’s demand.


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