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Time-saving solutions for Floorings

At the very beginning of the foundation of our teams we started to serve one of the largest flooring business in the Europe, the Headlam Group Plc. in Birmingham.

One day the marketing teams in our company had a bright idea , we suggested to make the sample boards for their new product line other than the displays.

The traditional way is they produce the flooring tiles in China, after 2 months of production and 1 month for ocean shipping, it's such a long time for the client to receive the new products in Europe, then the samplers will spend another 1 month to produce the samples that go to the showroom for the consumers to choose from.

We introduced our new way that we can form a new Flooring Team and produce the samples before they are produced. We talked to the supplier's factories in China, as soon as the first-off production batch of tiles are done, the factory will ship those new models to our flooring sample fabrication shop, while they focus on the mass production, we complete the sample boards simultaneously. When the client receive the new products, the new sample boards can go into the shops at the same time.

Time is money, saving time for our clients makes the launch sooner than any competitor's.


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